You have to admire Dr Phil's commitment. Oprah saw a star in the making. I bet there are lots of behavioral Psychologists, Social Workers and Therapists that watch Dr. Phil, but not all admit it. I'll probably get my wife, (cognitive-behavioral psychologist to collaborate on this blog with me, since she can provide a psychologist's perspective.

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Dr Phil Mcgraw Show
Saturday, September 27, 2003  
See the interview at Dateline interview. Of course, Dr. Phil's Weight Loss solution. sounds easier than it probably is.
11:26 PM

Saturday, September 13, 2003  
Dr. Phil Weighs In On Obesity on CBS news, sharing his seven steps.
7:17 PM

Dr. Phil Magraw facts are available on E online. So if you want to know all the "secrets" about him, this is one place. Nothing too embarassing.
7:13 PM

Dr. Phil Goes Prime Time With Weight Loss Challenge. Well my wife is a big Dr. Phil fan and she and I are both interested in seeing how his weight loss program works.
1:21 PM

MSNBC Dr. Phil interviewed by Catie Couric. Dr. Phil McGraw explains how the Dr. Phil’s plan for weight loss starts with "Seven keys to beginning the process." How his plan is to help people change their behaviors to help in weight loss. A video of Phil explaining his plan is available at the link.
1:17 PM

Monday, September 08, 2003  
Here we go again at USA Today. They are talking about the Dr. Phil Diet Book. They never tire of promoting Dr. Phil.
11:58 PM

Monday, September 01, 2003  
Found another one in USA today. Dr. Phil has the media interested.
2:05 PM

Sure enough, it looks like Dr. Phil is using next season to take on obesity.

Dr. Phil McGraw is obviously good at finding the hot buttons in society, and obesity is certainly a big issue.

2:03 PM

Dr. Phil and Katie Couric will team up for a special. It seems that the big thing for the next season is diets and weight loss challenges.

My wife and the therapists in her network often use modes of behavioral therapy similar to those used by Dr. Phil.

Lets see how things go this upcoming season.

1:59 PM

Wednesday, April 02, 2003  
It's good to get back to the new stuff. I can't believe some of these couples. Raechel is the one that gets it and I think she will be able to adjust her expectations to reality. It is a shame that Joanna's marriage may be ruined by a misguided religious upbringing. The couple with the newborn needs a nanny or an in-law to cover for them just for a few hours or even better, a day.
11:26 PM

OK, no more repeats. This episode is back to your regular Dr. Phil. Lindsay's mom is a whacky one. She seems to want her daughter to live a replica live to what she envisions for her. Totally does not get it.
12:00 AM

Saturday, March 15, 2003  
Speaking about being at the top, Dr Phil helped Dave Letterman beat Jay Lenno in the ratings for the first time since Dave's post 9/11 show.
9:19 AM

It's nice to be at the top. Dr Phil's show earned a nomination for an Emmy. Not bad for a first year show. This news is a bit delayed here on my BLOG, but I can't keep up with all the news ;-)
9:15 AM

Friday, March 14, 2003  
Special Link: The Dr Phil Soundboard. Lot's of quoteable sounds that create hours of enjoyment... OK , minutes.
11:22 PM

Melinda is beyond a perfectionist. I'm no Psychologist, that's my wife, the therapist. But to my lay opinion, Melinda has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Her counting of sylables seems to have her crossing the line from perfectionizm to an obsessive behavior. I don't have high hopes without a combination of desire to change and a bit of CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy).

The couple JaVae and John are struggeling to be perfect, but strangely they can relax with each other. I wonder how that evolved. How did they manage to break down each other's resistance to being "on" all the time. I can't wait to seel the follow-up and find out if John got "goosed" by all his co-workers. They really let loose. That was a funny part of the show.

11:04 PM

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